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5 Reasons You Should Stop Using Facebook Return

Since I don’t need to know this information, still I need to know what you think, LOLCAT pictures and videos, I have no need for Facebook. One thing I can add, delete, before you can download a.zip the file of your entire profile, which is good if you want to hold on to pictures, etc. I really don’t know. Wow, I just noticed that I made the best decision of my life (delete facebook) and the worst of my life (Lasik) in a 3 day span. One thing I have noticed, since your identity is not hidden, people are not real with each other. Women want to be treated like princesses, but you don’t the servants want to get married, they want to marry men.. In the older times, it would do as a lack of self-respect, and the people, it would be an honor-less. Scroll through your Facebook feed is like flicking through a more personalized celebrity gossip magazine in the supermarket checkout line. How many of you have your file on your phone or some action-shot-video-shots of her under a load of baby batter to the face


How do these chronic Facebook pushes users are, as you SIP coffee with milk from a comfortable chair in Starbucks and scroll through their Facebook feeds on the latest Macbook. The irony is, lower that, the way the state will distribute the pussy that you are looking for. It actually adds an aura of mystery around me (a bit, let’s not get carried away), so that the people in the rule, ask me all kinds of things, you do not speak the trouble to your FB \\\”friends\\\”. But because my pupils are larger than 6.5 mm I see with the untreated and the treated zone at the same time, which results in STARBURST, halo, glare, and so on. She gets angry and stomps, but by the next weekend, she is all \\\”hey, I know, it is not just a website, I’m stupid, wanna hook up?\\\” lmao.

  • While I stomach would have to speak all the riot, the feminist drivel, and how do I support the Patriarchy, I have missed would be to reveal the tears of the butt hurt moods, clear liberal, markers, and even arrests, and sexual identity, the people I knew only mostly in passing.
  • It is one thing to have me, no desire to even bother to give a shit about what some person I hardly remember from High School for lunch.
  • I forums like this far more revealing, not think about what it is to think of a friend, even if you know who you are.
  • The savvy men I know, both my age and younger, either avoid it completely or, at the most an account that you rarely use..

A normal Lasik, a circle with a diameter of 6.5 mm in the center of the eye, the treatment is with a laser (the so-called optical zone).



  1. Certain number of \\\”likes\\\” your \\\”friends\\\” for your FB posts is the ultimate goal of their day-to-day.
  2. The only way you can change someone’s mind real conversation is so much, for a period of time.
  3. You can learn about what made your old college roommate for dinner, but you will not know what she was thinking, or something personal.
  4. I’m an extrovert, so that might sound strange to say this, but really, I do not need to have, what smacking other people think of me in the face and demands that I \\\”Like\\\” it all the time..
  5. Women (and the media) tell him that, to the American dream, he has become more submissive towards women.
  6. You might as well have one of these ridiculous VR headsets to wear, and you will be able to observe and your own life than a scripted role in the Matrix.
  7. You see a girl knock out believe a guy with one punch in the movies or on TV, and really, that is how life is.
  8. I’m good with him in the past as I know a couple of people, I’ll be happy with in the future, and they are all easiest to contact via Facebook.
  9. If I ever meet a girl who says, \\\”I don’t have a Facebook account,\\\” she immediately gets a lot more of my attention.
  10. Facebook has so many over-reaches, that an entire website was devoted to, in order to document their insults to the freedom of expression.
  11. How bad advertising – you remember the advertising for the wrong reasons, not in the product to be pushed.
  12. And given the levels of thirst, and flat-out despair today, it is almost a certainty, the guys from the past are re-emerging to another shot at a chick, if you even slightly attractive, and they are certainly the men talk, because you are a whore of the attention.
  13. Point out how a few more guys get attention, but it really is mainly an effect of the girl’s fickle nature and how they talk to each other.
  14. You post pictures of your children post or what you had for dinner, but most of the conversation is this superficial contributions of \\\”look how good I am\\\” not do you want to be sure to say something, would you tick off your mother-in-law.

Y’all are just internet personalities around me, amusing, and funny, and informative, and that gives me (and probably everyone here) is the ability to relax and to talk, really.