A primary amine is added, therefore, to allow the oligo during the synthesis, the reaction with the desired NHS Ester.Catalog, prices, changes, and prices for standard synthesis, can be found here. In addition to our services in clinical trials we are conducting workshops for the animal health industry (from the Forum Institute for Management). Our products are used worldwide by leading pharmaceutical and medical device companies, to the safety of their parenteral drugs, biological products, and medical devices. To improvise through the combination of experience, knowledge, modern technology and the ability we are able to find solutions for complex problems. They help to prepare papers in high-ranking journals as well as the implementation of routine quality control and production processes of global industrial players. Both founders are well-versed in the management of complex, global and cross-industry projects, and over the years built up a global network of contacts in science and industry. Roper offers develops products and solutions for global niche markets, including water -, energy -, Transport -, medical -, educational -, and SaaS-based data networks.Princeton Instruments has) two US production sites, one in New Jersey (Trenton) and in Massachusetts (Acton.. Our clients include both public bodiesand private companies in the areas of:chemical industrythe fertilizer industry residue analysis of breeding plans. We offer comprehensive information, and expert service of all application possibilities in the field of isotope Analytics

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In addition, we offer in-depth data science and machine-learning capabilities, to gain insights into complex biological and chemical data. Microcoat offers a wide range of individual and specialized services for the diagnostic and pharmaceutical industries.

  1. The goal is a consistently high standard of quality for the processing, storage and management of all samples.
  2. In the first years, the plants were built in Germany and the performance of the technology has been demonstrated.
  3. We offer expert advice and know-how for the optimization of the time-to-market for their products.We have successfully fulfilled that promise for almost 10 years, for more than 250 clients in Europe, North America, Japan, Australia, and Asia.
  4. All procedures shall be reviewed annually in an audit by an external certified audit Organisation.The NTD method are the treatment of about 600,000 patients per year.
  5. In addition to the pharmaceutical development company synovo is also involved in synthetic chemistry and agronomy research.

Monitoring an evaluation of the project and its implementation ensures a high quality of management practice. With our many years of expertise, we check and secure their biological and chemical products and support materials in questions of the bioactive content. The celares GmbH is a clean room of class D-plant for the production of 0.5 to 5 kg of small molecules and activated intermediates, as well as for the preparation of the conjugated drug..

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With more than 50 years of experience, LPT studies leads of the highest quality, all aspects of in-vivo and in-vitro toxicology, eco-toxicology, pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics at fair prices. On-site manufacturing allows us to fit our products quickly and efficiently to the fulfilment of special customer. Plant phenotyping helps to the identification of certain gene functions through the description of specific strategies for growth under stress conditions, which are then, in turn, are important elements in plant breeding.LemnaTec develops imaging units, image analysis, automation and data-handling strategies, to fit all these different needs in the research and production, to design to help our customers and develop products suited to cope with the challenges of the future. Constantly centered on the development of new ideas and technologies, our goal is to continue to be one of the leading innovations that will empower you in your relentless pursuit of discovery.. Images can be analyzed and a re-analysis of an unlimited number of possibilities, the generation of image-derived values for a set of quantitative parameters according to different interests and needs.LemnaTec is the world Leader in plant Phenomics Science testing is all about effect monitoring and quantification. In addition to Epiontis assay for T-regulatory cells (Tregs) in an assay format for primates. Task force management and coordination of industrial consortia is another important aspect of our work. Last but not least we support understand with the assays, the MOA of a particular drug.Our assays, based on different technologies:1. The members are drawn from the modern and state-of-the-art practices with a large number of patients in the whole of Germany. We believe that our T revealed cell profiling technology is a new field in diagnostics and in medicine, with the most important features of the individual immune system.Our technologyis based on a multistep PCR-amplification with proprietary primer systems, the TCRbeta amplify specific regions directly from genomic DNA. In addition, TRON puts its unique know-how and infrastructure for the development of innovative medicines to improve patient care. If you are interested in the gene-expression analysis of 16S rRNA or gene-panel sequencing and other genomic services: we look forward, with them in contact. Hepa-cult for working in research projects with partners to create innovative concepts for the regeneration of the liver tissue, and to new therapeutic strategies. Inspired design strategies can be realized through proprietary tools grounded in computational chemistry and cutting-edge techniques of artificial intelligence.With our proven track record in fine-tuning the selectivity of tyrosine kinase inhibitors, we offer tailor-made hit identification and lead optimization support against kinases, as well as a variety of other target classes. This often happens in interdisciplinary, national and international cooperation.From basic research to clinical application at the patient bed in one of the most profound research locations in Germany, this is a well-established practice